Invest in YOU

$70,000 (save $2,215)/ 13 months

or $5,555/month*

* Must pay the deposit of $5,555 in order to get started.

The 5 Jewel Shift

There are five aspects of you that must be allowed to bloom & Glo, however it is best to only change one of them at a time.  The 13 months allows you the space & time to unfold them one at a time, but in a certain order, that best maximizes your results...

1st Step Natural Health: you will go through the 90 Day Cleansing Program to remove the toxins that are covering up your inner health Glo & make space for healing & up-leveling your health. You will be guided through cleansing & learn to love your colon, your liver, & your lymphatic system. This is non-negotiable & is a must as all the other changes in your life will be built on this foundation.  Not only that, once you shift in the other areas your physical health MUST be able to easily remove the physical hindrances that were attached to anything holding you back. 

2nd Step: Your Mindset controls your whole being & quite often that mindset isn't even yours!   It came from your parents, the influences in your life, education.  What you think about shows up in the physical form - in your health, your circumstances, your wealth, etc. A queen controls her thoughts & CHOOSES HOW SHE WANTS TO FEEL, no longer prisoner to outside influences.  

3rd Step: Your Energetic being, your aura, your chakras, your intuition, your magic must also glo for you to be truly alive.  Your body, mind, & soul must ALL be whole to fully live as Queen.  It is your RIGHT to live fully as a queen.  This is not a scary part of you, you will be shown how to use it for yourself & in the way that best resonates with you.  All things spiritual, crystals, energy is meant for your upmost good. 

4th Step: Your Sexual Essence is perfect & beautiful.  Society, media, culture, religion, tradition have all told you otherwise & it couldn't be further from the truth.  You are meant to be feminine (in your own way), to receive, to nurture, to create, to be passionate, to be emotional (your emotions are a powerhouse, completely human, & actually where all manifestations take place), to be all juicy & sexy.  It's really a sigh of relief to know that you as a woman is not too much.

5 Step: Your life purpose, your soul mission, your business, your wealth - all helps to bring everything else together to give you your WHY.  Why have you stepped into 13 months of changing your life?  Why do you want to live fully queen?  Why don't you want to stay where you are?  Why are you stepping out of the shadow into the glo of you? Who are you without a life purpose or wealth? 

QueenGlo Program

There are 5 areas of a woman that MUST be fully fulfilled in order to bring ALL of you to the table: health, energy, mindset, sexual essence, & purpose. Leading from 1st hand experience, training, & love, your mentor Lydia Hawley will intuitively encourage you every step of the way to let your inner queenglo out.

You are ALREADY a Queen!  It's time to let her out, this person you have been sensing all along.  Who keeps coming to the surface & nudging you to be more, to do better, to expand & fuller express yourself.  13 months will pass in your life anyways - why not commit to leveling, making room for you - you truly are, & transform into QueenGlo.

Some people when they hear of change think they have to leave their partner, quit their job - how much you want to change in each aspect is up to you.  You can choose to do a total overhaul right where you are (things will shift around you as you level up, you don't have to change anyone else) or start with a clean slate.  You can ONLY change yourself.

13 months includes:

  • weekly zoom or phone calls

  • step-by-step guidance

  • supplies for the 13 months: 90 Day cleansing supplies (see the "All the Goods" breakdown here), crystals, samples, & more. 

  • online membership platform full of videos & downloads for you to access at anytime

  • unlimited email support

  • Wellness lifestyle tools for the rest of your life


Benefits (not guaranteed​)

  • This program follows you

  • Feel really clean, lighter, & healthy

  • Be in a flow of happy & positive thoughts

  • Be in your own energy & attract what you truly want

  • Love who you are as a woman

  • Know your why, your purpose

  • Know who you are ALREADY!

This program is like NOTHING you have done before & you are greatly encouraged to come with an OPEN MIND, follow instructions, & believe you are WORTHY, have VALUE, are more than ENOUGH, & that you MATTER.  

  • 5 Jewel Queen Prog

    You are ALREADY a Queen! Its time to let her out!
    Valid for 13 months
    • Weekly Zoom or Phone Calls
    • Step-by-Step Guidance
    • Supplies for the 13 Months: 90-Day Cleanse supplies, etc.
    • Online Membership Platform full of videos & downloads
    • Unlimited Email Support
    • Wellness Lifestyle Tools for the rest of your life