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QueenGlo is a Unique Wellness Studio

...that uncovers the queen you ALREADY are!  You have deep relaxation in you already.  You have glowing health inside you already.  You are positive already.  You are truly sexy already.  You are abundant & successful already!


You just need some help & guidance uncovering who you already are - AMAZING, UNIQUE, FULFILLED, & WORTHY!


QueenGlo does this by offering almost 20 years of experience through hands-on services & virtual programs.  Hands-on services of massage, reiki, the Gillespie Approach, high standard retail products, & wellness classes.  Virtual programs that you can do wherever you are that uncover your true health by cleansing your body & mind. 

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QueenGlo is a
Stance & Command

QueenGlo is both a stance & command. It is a stance because its where a woman stands after she has gone through all that life has thrown at her & knows that it was all necessary to make her who she is today - amazing, fulfilled, & worthy. It is a command coming from one queen to another - telling them to rise up & meet their true self - queen. They have to choose to see their own beauty & worth.


Meet Lydia.

Lydia Hawley, the creator of QueenGlo, got into the natural health field to help a sick family member & discovered her own love of helping women know that they are meant for more than just existing. Lydia has almost 20 years of experience professionally as a holistic practitioner with training & experience as a massage therapist, esthetician, reiki-certified, colon hydro-therapist, lymphedema therapist, lymphatic drainage massage, total body cleansing, craniosacral fascial therapy, & trained under a Naturopathic Doctor, who specialized in total body cleansing.


Add to that her own experience with mindset/personal development, business success & failures, having her own wellness studio, juice bar & gluten-free bakery, international speaker, been featured on podcasts, knowledge of crystals, overcame extreme anxiety naturally, healed from massive heartbreak & spiritual abuse.


She was immersed in a very specific protocol that was the best of the best to get the toxins out of the tissues, into circulation, & OUT of the body!  She has since then added on her own experience & added knowledge of mindset & energy.  Everything she is teaching you, she has done herself & will walk you through it.


She KNOWS FULL WELL what guts, determination, love, support, & guidance is NECESSARY to bring the queen out of you.