It's time to invite more of yourself to the party. 


Lets see if you are a perfect fit for the program - schedule a FREE initial Zoom call.  We want to make sure that you aren't wasting my time or your money.  

Enjoy these benefits:

  • better sleep

  • better energy

  • happier mindset

  • learn how to continue a healthy lifestyle

  • release weight (emotionally & physically)

  • overcome major health conditions (please contact to discuss this one more)


In this program, you will be:

  • Eating a Mild Foods Diet

  • Doing Enemas (colonics possibly too)

  • Juicing/Smoothies

  • Liver Cleanses

  • Epsom Salt Soaks

  • Dry Skin Brushing

  • writing out & feeling your health goal

  • positive mindset work

  • & more!






Pick Your Plan

All the Goods

This plan gives you everything you need to make this cleanse a success.  This is for you if you want to make this a lifestyle, but don't know what items (food/equipment/supplements/supplies) to get - let me use all of my experience to set you up in the right direction. 

Invest in YOU

90-Day Cleansing Program

This program is ONLY for those who are ready to go ALL in on their health, who want to JUMP levels,  who can FOLLOW instructions, who have an OPEN mind, who want GLO to be a lifestyle, & are WILLING to do the "dirty" work.

 In this program you will learn how to: 

  • How to encourage & remind your detoxification systems (colon, your lymphatic system, your liver) to dump out the toxins that are slowing your body down. 

  • How to replace foods in your life that you know that don't agree with you with better, yummier, & fulfilling healthier foods that are delicious.  Trust me on this one - I am a foodie & am super picky about food being delicious, full of flavor, & filling!

  • How to take control of your mind, to stop being tossed about by outside sources, & to get the results that YOU want.  Ultimately leading to a happier mindset.

  • How to install healthier habits that will lead to a fuller lifestyle with long-lasting results - no matter where you are, how busy you are, or what holiday it is.

It's time to have freedom of health, to move & groove at any time & however!  And the good news is that you are completely in control of that!  Its to embrace & welcome the light, calmness, & alive feeling. 

With QueenGlo you are going to remind & encourage your detoxification systems – colon, lymphatic system, & your liver to dump out the toxins that are slowing your body down.  You already have perfect health – it just needs to be uncovered. Your organs must cleanse in a certain order & certain ones must be cleansed 1st or you will just keep the toxins that get freed up circulating in the body.  Your colon & lymphatic system MUST be opened up 1st to have a flowing channel for toxins to move through & opening up 1st sets the stage for the rest of the organs to cleanse.

This expert program is a powerful "down & dirty" approach to cleansing. Some detox programs just skim the surface or have you pop some pills.  QueenGlo Cleansing Program is designed to skip levels, dig out the toxins, intentionally put your body into a cleansing mode, & initiate healing.  You don't have time to screw around with your health. Your inner queen is ready to come out. 

This program is designed to be done WHEREVER YOU ARE - in life or the world. 


You will learn how to make healthy a lifestyle & mindset because health starts in the mind. Everything is energy, thoughts, feelings, other people's projections are energy & then they show up in our physical body if they are out there long enough. Quite often the physical plane is the last place for healing, cleansing, & removal of toxins to leave. 


Queens, it is time to FEEL GOOD!  Every woman wants to feel like a queen, a queen being that you feel your best all the time (in whatever area of your life you want that in or ALL levels).  There are layers to feeling good, when it comes to your physical health it has layers of toxins covering up your true inner health glow.  In order for your inner health to come out (it's already there, your body is very well equipped to be healthy & is just waiting for you to invite it out) it has to feel welcomed & there must be room for it to come out.  So how you make room for it is to remove the toxins making you feel tired, slow, heavy, foggy mind, undecided, your health staying the same or getting worse. 


Every cell of your marvelous being wants & is meant to be radiant!  As soon as you put your body in a cleansing mode – trust me, your body gets excited to be healthy again & will go in a certain order to cleanse & bring life from dormant & stagnant to pushing out toxins every way it can to put you set in a healthy lifestyle. 

This program is based of all the trainings & mentorship that I (Lydia) received while working under a Naturopathic Doctor at their Natural Health Center where they specialized in Total Body Cleansing.  There they helped those ranging from just general detox to those on their death-bed.  Since then I have added my own experience to this. 

The Pricing starts at $6,777.oo  

Juicer & Vitamix available additionally for $1,000.00

  • All the Goods

    90-Day Cleansing Program
    Valid for 3 months
    • Everything to make the 90 Days a Success
    • Supplements
    • Essential Oils
    • Crystals
    • Plant Based Protein Powder
    • Liver Cleanse Prep Items
    • Mini Trampoline
    • Pantry Stock Up ($1,000 Value)
    • And even more!
    • Pricing starts at $6,777.00
    • Juicer & Vitamix available additionally for $1,000