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5 Jewel Queen Membership

In order to live FULLY in your mind, body, & spirit you must embody the 5 Jewels that complete you as a woman.  You are a queen ALREADY, but society, generational patterns, unhealthy choices, negative environment & being told that you as a woman are too much, have covered up your true essence. 


The Story behind the 5 Jewel Approach

Two years ago, a friend sent me a video & as I watched the video I felt something open up in me & I actually had to stop watching it & pace.   I could tell that my being was recognizing something major, that I had been given a big piece of information that would greatly influence my life & billions of others.  I sat down & continued to watch the video.  Afterward, I was still so affected that I had to go to the beach & walk & think.  As I walked I concluded that there are 5 aspects of a woman that must be fully understood to be complete.  That they all work together, if one is ignored then the rest are affected.  See the jewels below.


This membership is based on the 5 jewels that I have had experience with & have used in my own life & healing.  Everyone deserves attention & application for what you put into the self-study is what you get out of it.

Jewel of Golden Healer (Natural Health)

Your health is the foundation for this human life & everything you experience is felt in your body.  Your QueenGlo is emanated & enhanced by how healthy you are.  This section & all the jewels are approached in a holistic manner. ​What you'll learn: how to juice, make smoothies & choose a healthy lifestyle, how to overcome anxiety, sleep better & relieve muscle tension, make sure you have the basics of healthy patterns in place, & so much more

Screen Shot 2021-09-06 at 5.02.31 PM.png

Jewel of Amethyst (Mindset)

Mindset literally is EVERYTHING & will show up in your physical body if held in thought long enough.  Think about it - stress is actually a mental thing, but yet causes 99.9% of all illnesses & diseases.  Mindset is knowing how to be grateful, how to change your internal environment, how to choose & control your thoughts, and so much more!

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Jewel of Clear Quartz (Energy)

Energy is super important to understand as it IS what the world runs on.  You'll learn: how to use the flow of energy, how energy shows up in your life and body in the form of chakras and your aura, what crystals really are and how they work, and so much more!

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Jewel of Rose Quartz (Sexual Essence)

As a woman we have been misunderstood, told that we are too much, cover yourself up, your sexual parts are not yours...lets free & embody who you truly have been since birth: beautiful, whole, worthy, everything about you has value, you matter & you are MORE than enough.  You'll learn: the difference between being sexually active & living in your sexual essence, your womb space is powerful, creative, magnetic, and passionate, how to really understand self-love, and so much more!

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Jewel of Citrine (Business/Purpose/Money)

To have clarity & direction in your business, to know your purpose, & have money is a game-changer.  Discover how to start a business, what to do if your business is stuck, what makes a successful business, Business mistakes, and so much more!

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