Being the Queen that I AM...
Which inspires you, gives you permission, & empowers you to be the queen that you ARE!

Women Empowerment
& Education through
 Fashion, Gluten-Free Food, & Music

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Inspirational Fashion

Coming Soon! 

Mixing empowering, inspiring words with fashion that portray your true-self & send out good vibes

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Expert Education

Condensing 20 years experience in Holistic Health, Mindset/Energy - you will find eBooks to a 90 Cleansing Program to a Full 13 months of transformation & uncovering the queen you already are - this is YOUR time to level-up!


Quench & Dough

Now Available...

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Refined Sugar-Free baked goods that any foodie would enjoy!



I was a client of Lydia's for about 3 years before she moved from the area. She worked on my tight spots, firmly but gently always making sure I was doing alright as she progressed. Lydia remembered each time what area she had worked in the time before and asked how that area was now. She was very caring, adept and very knowledgeable.


- Deb. O